Domino & Chi

Domino arrived at Sesaw with two others cats in September, 2015 when he was around 2 years old. He was part of a local feral group, some of which were trapped and neutered as part of an ongoing task to prevent more unwanted kittens in the area. It took a long time for these cats to gain our trust but eventually Domino realised that he could trust us – especially if we came with fish, prawns, or chicken!

Just when it seemed he would be with us forever, in February 2020 he befriended a cat in a nearby kennel – 11 year old Chi, who was in need of new home due to his owner’s ill health. We introduced the two and they soon become buddies and in March 2020, Domino finally found his forever home with his new best friend.

Here’s a message from their new owner, April 2020:

“Just to let you know that Domino and Chi have settled completely. There’s the old saying that if you want the best seat in the house, then you’ll have to move the cat. It could have been written as a caption for the attached photo!
It’s two weeks today since I collected them and Domino has come on so well and so quickly. He loves playing with toys and whilst still a little shy and flighty, he now actively seek us out to demand fuss and attention; and has jumped onto our laps. The two of them lie peacefully side by side but also have play fights and chase backwards and forwards around the house.

I am certain that having the two of them has helped with Domino’s development.

Many thanks, Simon”.