Bonnie (nee Caramel)

Caramel rabbitHi Sesaw, just a quick update on Caramel the rabbit (now Bonnie).

After 3 weeks of very careful introduction (photo was during the bonding process!), Bonnie is now living full time with her lovely husband, Boris.

She has such a huge personality for such a tiny bun and is an absolute delight to watch flying around the lounge and binkying.  She is an absolute delight. Boris has had a new lease of life and is enjoying life again.  They spend hours grooming each other and are very much a bonded pair now.

Thank you so much for letting us adopt Bonnie, she has filled a large hole in our family!

Kind regards

Melissa, Jules & Boris

FB_IMG_1447796678989November 2015: We took this photo tonight of Boris and Bonnie. They are totally bonded and love each other. I thought you would like to see this wonderful photo!  Thank you for letting us adopt Bonnie and for filling Boris’ life with happiness again!

Best wishes
Melissa Murcott  X