We adopted Biscuit (now re-named Bailey) from SESAW in December 2018 – a rather handsome 10 year old cocker spaniel. Our beloved pet had died suddenly and we were distraught. Christmas was coming and we didn’t know how we would get through it.

We went to SESAW 5 days before Christmas and found Biscuit.  We hadn’t considered having such an old dog, but he needed us as much as we needed him.  Maggie was keen for us to take him as soon as possible as he was so sad and depressed.  When we got him home he was so quiet, didn’t wag his tail and hardly ate.

However, we introduced him to the deep countryside where we lived and gradually he started to enjoy his life again.  Six months on and he adores his walks off lead and runs like a dog much younger. He’s very affectionate now, loves his food and enjoys going out in the car. In fact he’s off to France this summer and has his passport and bandana ready!  He’s now turned 11, and such a happy and sweet boy. We’ll be there for him till the very end and so grateful that we found him.

I would appeal to anybody to think about taking in an older dog. It’s an amazingly rewarding experience.

Jane Short