Angel and Harvey

Angel and her caring, hearing companion, Harvey…

Harvey and Angel have been inseparable since the first day they met at SESAW.

Harvey arrived as a nine month old pup, having had three different homes in his short life. Goodness knows why, he has never been a troublesome dog. Initially he lived in the house with all the residential cats and dogs.  Angel had been living in a town flat before she joined Harvey at the Sanctuary and it was love at first sight!

Upon her arrival, it was discovered that Angel was deaf and had a slightly wonky leg due to a neglected injury, but this does not bother her. Harvey seemed to know instinctively that Angel needed his help and became her carer.  He introduces her to friendly dogs when out on walks, keeps watch over her at all times and alerts her to any dangers.  Because this affinity exists, once Harvey is at ease with a human, it is possible to let both dogs run free and mix with others. Angel will follow Harvey and come back when he returns to the person in charge of them.

A lovely home was found for the pair and their lives were idyllic. They ran on the heath every day with a group of twenty dogs and their owners, played together in the garden and slept together. What more could a dog want.  Unfortunately, after four wonderful years, Fate dealt a cruel blow. One of their owners became wheelchair bound due to a serious illness and the devoted pair returned to SESAW.
Now they are desperate for another chance and someone to love. They still love their walks, after which they are quite happy to chill out on a comfy sofa in a warm room. Not surprisingly, they are not happy in a kennel.

Harvey is a Whippet, Angel, well there is probably Boxer/Dalmatian/Staffie in there somewhere. Both dogs have sweet natures.

Are you that person or family that can offer these dogs the home they so richly deserve? Please come and meet them.

Angel and her caring, hearing companion, Harvey. Can YOU help?

A quiet moment

Harvey & Angel - still waiting for a home...

Harvey & Angel – still waiting for a home…