AlfieSeptember 2013

Hi to all at Sesaw! I have been with my new family now since mid July, so thought I would write and let you know how I am getting on.

I have settled in really well, and no one can remember what it was like before I arrived. I love my new sister and all their friends and luckily they can match my unending energy!!   I am always up for a ball game, or hide and seek which is my other new favourite.  I have also become a local celeb in the village, with everyone knowing me, and wanting to come and give me a stroke and a fuss, which of course I love. Most people comment that it’s a wonder my tail doesn’t fall off as it’s forever wagging!

I did have some naughty habits to start with, such as taking food off the kitchen side, the dinning table or just about anywhere I could find it. However I now know I am not allowed in the kitchen. I am also smart enough to realise (after a few sprays of water from a squirty bottle) what is and is not allowed and I have settled in to a new routine, with my 3 walks a day definitely my favourite (excluding dinner time of course!!!)  I have also already been away for the weekend to visit more of my new family, and they live in Thetford Forest, so I got very dirty but had a great time!  I’ve had a full vet check and my second jabs, and the vet gave me a clean bill of health, so life really is treating me very well.

Thank you for taking such good care of me and for finding me a new home, as I think my new pets would be as lost without me as me without them!  Big licky kisses, Alfie.

P.S. We really must thank you for making our family complete! We really cannot remember what we did with all the time we now find for walks. We have been very lucky, and it’s thanks to SESAW that we have found each other.  Keep up the great work!

Best regards, The Robinson’s  x