A life ended before it had begun!

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A life ended before it had begun!  See Kenny's Blog for full story...

This Cygnet was found by a member of the public, alive but weak, near the river between Bures and Nayland on Sunday 25th May 2014. He was taken to SESAW, and thence to the vets, but the hook was too far down to be removed in such a young bird. Despite everyone’s best efforts he didn’t survive more than 48 hours.

This is the end result of a negligently discarded hook and line – probably one of many creatures that suffer such a fate during the fishing season. We do not wish to spoil the fisherman’s “enjoyment”, but implore you to think of the wild life you profess to care for and DO NOT leave any harmful litter about, in fact please do not leave any litter in our countryside.