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Having managed, for many months, with fewer people who have done a magnificent job, we now hope to bring our numbers up to normal and seek volunteers in the following areas:

ANIMAL CARE ON WEEK DAYS: If you would like to help care for the animals, please ring 01787 210888 and leave your name and number.

Cleaning dog, cat and chicken pens, feeding the cats, chickens and rabbits, walking the dogs and grooming the cats is carried out in the mornings.

We ask that you commit to at least one morning from Monday to Friday, keeping to the same day, please.

There are sometimes other jobs about the site to be done on an ad hoc basis.

FUNDRAISING: If you feel you could help with this one or two mornings per week, please ring Pat on 07881 785535.

Donations of bedding, food and sale goods are usually sorted by an additional team of volunteers who deal solely with fundraising.

Thank you 💚