Kenny’s May News

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Ollie (the Black) Cat has been a right grump over the Winter but I suppose it’s no wonder after such rotten weather. He even called me “Little Lord Fauntleroy” just because I like going out to meet my fans! Mind you, the title does have a certain ring to it. Anyway, at last the sun is shining and he’s gone stalking down the garden leaving me in peace to tell you about one of our recent admissions.

Many of the permanent residents are getting on (not me of course, I am in my prime!) and so are some of the animals awaiting new homes. Lily is an elderly dog that has recently moved into foster care and she is enjoying every minute as you can see in the photo. If you are looking for a pet to complete your family please consider an older dog, and contrary to popular belief, they CAN learn new tricks!

Our talented crafters send a big thank you for all the materials and wool you have donated. These have been used to make lots of quality items to be sold at future events. Meanwhile preparations are under way for our £1 Sale at St. Luke’s Church Hall, Tiptree, CO5 0SU on 12th May. Doors open at 11am and I’m going to be there too. We all look forward to meeting you again and hope you will give us another warm welcome. Lots of bargains for all the family including the pets and refreshments.

Next time I’ll tell you about the animals needing new homes so I’d better go to meet them and make sure they know I’m Lord Kenneth of Leavenheath … no, I still prefer to be known as Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua.

Ollie’s April News

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Hello, Ollie here, stepping into the breach to give you the news. Please excuse my smug expression when I tell you the “Boss” dog has put his paw in it again.  Kenneth’s February news included an unflattering photo of Mother being pulled down the muddy garden by a pig on a lead. Mother didn’t think much of that! Mind you, he was only trying to convey what winter life is like at SESAW.

Completely undeterred, our little ambassador came home full of himself after attending our Gift and Craft Fair at Whatfield last month. No doubt he was showing off to Princess Poppy the Chihuahua who was there with her owner, Betty and the Copdock and Washbrook Knitters. Our volunteers received a warm welcome from the village and raised £860 for the animals. Thank you to everyone who supported this event and our Book Sale at Hintlesham last week. Bookworms browsed a wide variety of the printed word and left with armfuls of treasured volumes but fear not dear reader, we still have plenty of books for next time!

Our Stowmarket supporters will be interested to know a local resident is organising a big Spring Charity Sale to raise money for SESAW and the Dogs Trust. Jean Powell is an 85 year old charity champion who has raised money for several charities including £3000 for McMillian nurses last year.   Jean enjoys helping others and was invited to a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace in recognition of her good works. Her latest venture will be held 1.30-4.30pm, 14th April at St. Marys and St. Peters Church Hall, Wolsey Road, Stowmarket. Choose from masses of donated items on sale including toys, books and bric a brac plus there will be games, a raffle and refreshments with homemade cakes.

As I am writing this month’s news instead of the dog, let us consider the superior species as we have ex feral cats desperately looking for jobs as vermin exterminators. They need a warm place to sleep and a regular supply of food, a fit and able cat will work more efficiently that weak poorly cats. Mother says we can advise how to introduce working cats to your environment and support you should they become ill.

Our next event is our Spring Sale which starts at 10am, 22nd April at The Old School, Long Melford, CO10 9DX. I dare say Kenny will be insufferable after attending and just hope little Lord Fauntleroy will stop prancing around long enough to write next month’s news, instead of me, Ollie (the Black) Cat.

Kenny’s March News

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At last, Spring is around the corner and it can’t come too soon!   At the time of writing the garden looks like a winter wonderland from the window but everyone is fed up with the biting cold wind, the snow and squelchy, sticky mud.   Mum can’t wait for the weather to improve so work can begin on new paths and many other jobs waiting to be started.

We always have cats and dogs awaiting new homes, just now we have rabbits too ranging from 8 months to 4 years.   Some in pairs, others are singles looking for a companion – new arrivals, 2 year old Fleur and Florence seen here. Leave a message on the answerphone or call in during open hours for more information.

Our talented crafters send a big thank you for all the materials and wool you have donated.   These have been used to make Mothers’ Day and Easter items for our Gift and Craft Fair on 10th March at Whatfield Village Hall, Rectory Road, IP7 7QU.   The Washbrook and Copdock Stitchers and Knitters will be there too, doors open at 11am.  

Next is our Bargain Book Sale at the Community Centre, Timperleys, Hintlesham, IP8 3PS, from 11am on 24th March.   There will also be pictures, DVDs, CDs and some furniture, just to make it more interesting.   If you have some quality items to sell, phone 01206 263269 to book a table at our Spring Fair at Long Melford on 22nd April.

Right now the kitchen Rayburn is much more inviting than the view of the garden so I’m off to snuggle up in a woolly blanket that was knitted for me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua.

Kenny’s February News

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Well I’ve seen it all now.   Rupert the pig was a baby when he arrived last summer and quickly settled into a routine.   Mum lets him out around 5am (he sleeps in a crate in the office like all well mannered porkers) then deals with her emails, by which time he is demanding his breakfast.   Yesterday he was strangely quiet and no wonder.   There he was, IN the feed bin, helping himself to MY biscuits with only his loin chops showing!

Ollie says I must tell you we have some lovely cats waiting for new homes including four who came in together when their owner died.    I’ve attached a photo of Geordie, one of the four, who looks just like Ollie to me – but don’t tell him I said so!

The fundraising events start in March with an Easter themed Gift and Craft Fair on 10th at Whatfield Village Hall on 10th and a Book Sale on 24th at Hintlesham & Chattisham Community Centre.   If you want to make some holiday money and have nice things to sell, phone 01206 263269 to book a table at our Spring Fair on 22nd April at Long Melford.

Although Christmas seems long ago, we are still enjoying all the lovely food, bedding and gifts so many of you sent last December and thank you for your kindness.   Which reminds me, that not-so-small pig is heading back indoors so it’s time to check there are still some dog biscuits for me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua.